Karma Kola

Karma Cola

In work-life you are required  to  write  as per a script—the script might  be driven by client’s expectations, employer’s policies or simply the boss’s whims.   A contrarian view is not in order most times. In life version 2.0, I feel free from such shackles and I intend to write to express rather than impress

Telecom Apocalypse in India 2020

Context Unified Licensing policy 2012 separated spectrum and license prices. Spectrum would be auctioned to Mobile telephony operators only. For all telecom-related services license fee

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Steve Jobs – a personal tribute

Steve Jobs or Apple did not invent the mouse, the Graphical User Interface., the touch screen, gravity sensor or the technology underneath the portable music player.

If all the good stuff we associate with Apple products were not invented/created by Apple/Steve, why is he being hailed as the next best inventor after Edison by Spielberg, and what is compelling me, an ordinary user of Apple devices to write a personal tribute?

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