For the first twenty-five years, writing was an activity that helped me to clear exams. In the next thirty five years it was an activity that let me keep my job helped pay the bills. For the next  five or ten or twenty or sixty years, I am going to write  for  fun  and intend to have lots of it. That I have you reading this pursuit of  fun is pure bliss.

In work-life you are required  to  write  as per a script—the script might  be driven by client’s expectations, employer’s policies or simply the boss’s whims.   A contrarian view is not in order most times. In life version 2.0, I feel free from such shackles and I intend to write to express rather than impress

Every now and then you come across a piece of writing that excites you enough to grab the next person in your reach and ask them to read it—then you realize that person may not share your excitement owing to a language barrier. At such times, I am driven to translate that piece. Two benefits accrue—first, my appreciation of the piece increases manifold and second, sometimes I may help the author reach a wider audience. Yes, the second benefit is a  rationalization for the first.



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